Meissen Autumn and Summer Porcelain Urns

  • These incredible Meissen porcelain urns depict the themes of Summer and Autumn
  • Standing at over four feet high, urns of this caliber were seldom made by the manufactory
  • The detailing of each urn is explicit, down to each individual flower petal
  • Their excellent condition, sheer size and complexity make these urns rare and desirable
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Displaying a level of porcelain artistry unlike anything we have ever seen before, this spectacular pair of Meissen urns truly epitomizes the majesty of Meissen. Standing over four feet tall, these urns are a symphony of the Rococo aesthetic, dominated by a plethora of realistic flowers, rocaille decorations and graced by cherubs and nymphs detailing the seasons of Autumn and Summer. Creating such elaborate pieces was a painstaking process, and the enormous decorative detail on this magnificent pair is an indication of the incredible level of skill attained by Meissen craftsmen. The floral finial alone, with every individual petal and leaf executed in striking detail, was certainly an ambitious undertaking even for the most gifted porcelain artist. Monumental, ornate works such as these urns were seldom created. They would only have been crafted for the most affluent of the manufactory’s clients, which included nobility throughout Europe, or made specifically for showing at the great international exhibitions. Considering the delicate nature of porcelain, these majestic urns remain in remarkably excellent condition.

Founded in the early 18th century, the Meissen factory remained unrivaled in terms of innovation and beauty for decades. Though the formula for hard-paste porcelain gradually found its way across Europe, the Royal Manufactory at Meissen continued to produce some of the finest pieces the world had ever seen. Exquisitely crafted figures of all sizes, along with dinner services and artistic objects were all part of the Meissen repertoire. Spectacular, palatial-sized masterpieces such as these urns became showpieces for the factory, though their expense and complexity limited their production.

Each urn bears the Meissen blue crossed swords mark and the model number "1065."

Circa 1880

50 1/4" high
Meissen Autumn and Summer Porcelain Urns
Maker: Meissen
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Germany
Type: Vases/Urns
Depth: 15.0 Inches
Width: 24.0 Inches
Height: 50.25 Inches

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