Meissen Porcelain Nodder

  • This charming porcelain nodder was crafted by the legendary Meissen
  • Also known as a "niddy-noddy," this animated figure has movable a head, tongue and hands
  • The pieces are perfectly balanced and are set in motion by the slightest tremor
  • It represents Meissen artistry at its most exaggerated and inventive
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Item No. 31-6419

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Crafted by the legendary Meissen, this charming porcelain nodder takes the form of an Asian woman in vividly hued garments. The perfectly balanced design includes hidden springs on the interior that set the figurine into motion with the slightest tremor — she not only nods her head up and down, but her tongue and hands also shake with movement. Also known as "niddy-noddies," these exaggerated and stylized figures first appeared in late 18th century in Germany as early detectors of earthquakes. Similar dolls were made in ancient China and Japan, where they used flexible bamboo strips instead of springs. Today, examples by Meissen are among the most coveted, and this vibrantly hued and highly detailed figurine is an especially fine example of the art form. 

Bears the Meissen blue crossed swords mark

Circa 1860

12" high x 13 1/2" wide x 13 1/2" deep
Meissen Porcelain Nodder
Maker: Meissen
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Germany
Type: Figurines/Statuettes
Depth: 13.5 Inches
Width: 13.5 Inches
Height: 12.0 Inches
Meissen Porcelain Nodder
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