Melo Melo Pearl Pendant, 54.52 Carats

  • An extremely rare 54.52-carat melo melo pearl is set in this classic pendant
  • The melo melo is a very rare variety of non-nacre pearl found only in Southeast Asia
  • The pearl's porcelain-like finish, unique color and rarity make it particularly prized
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Item No. 31-0137

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The rare beauty of the melo melo pearl is on display in this incredible pendant. This type of pearl is formed by the melo melo, or Indian volute snail, which inhabits the waters of Southeast Asia. Like conch pearls, the melo melo gem is not actually a nacreous pearl because it contains no nacre. Instead, it is classified as being “porcelaneous” in appearance. Orange is the most desirable color of these rare pearls, which are extremely rare. This example is certified by the Gemological Institute of America as being a 54.52-carat natural pearl of the Melo species. Approximately 2.55 total carats of diamonds accent the rare gem in its platinum setting.Download the Certifications
Melo Melo Pearl Pendant, 54.52 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Asia
Type: Pendants
Style: Modern

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