Monaco by Franz Richard Unterberger

  • This enchanting view is the work of Austrian Romantic painter Franz Richard Unterberger
  • Exuding calm and serenity, this oil on canvas welcomes the viewer into the scene
  • Unterberger's renderings of coastal scenes are highly sought after, and his views of Monaco are rare
  • The artist's keen eye for realistic detail and atmosphere is a hallmark of his popular output
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Franz Richard Unterberger
1838-1902 | Austrian


Signed "FR Unterberger" (lower left)
Oil on canvas

Austrian Romanticist Franz Richard Unterberger creates a timeless tableau in this oil on canvas depicting a view of the sparkling French Rivera in Monaco. This charming scene depicts a family enjoying a relaxed picnic in the hills, with the framing of the coastal landscape providing the perfect view of the sea. The atmospheric effects of the scene are masterfully executed — the sun, low in the sky, bathes the mountainous landscape in the distance in warm, hazy light, while the sea shines below. Dreamy, colorful and mesmerizing, this work is one of Unterberger's most treasured pieces.

The artist rose in popularity in the 19th century during a period when travel to the Mediterranean was at an all-time high. Aware of the increased interest in these regions, Unterberger dedicated much of his output to creating idyllic scenes of the most beautiful and popular spots throughout Europe. For Unterberger, this usually meant scenes of Italy that dominated his output, making this view of Monaco extremely rare and highly desirable within his oeuvre.

Monaco embodies the very best qualities of his canvases. Unterberger possessed a talent for pulling the viewer in his landscapes, which perfectly capture the romance of the Mediterranean. The juxtaposition of the bold, deliberate impasto of the foreground with the softer, hazier brushstrokes of the background is perfectly balanced, adding to the atmospheric quality of the painting. Unterberger’s skill as a painter of landscapes is clearly on display.

Born in Innsbruck in August 1838, Unterberger began his artistic studies in 1853 at the Munich Academy. He soon moved to continue his training at the Weimar Academy under Albert Zimmermann, and by 1859 he had enrolled at the Düsseldorf Academy, where he was taught by the famed landscape painter Andreas Achenbach. At the end of his training, he traveled extensively, visiting and painting in Norway and Denmark between 1860 and 1874, with stops along the coast of England and Scotland. He finally settled in Brussels in 1864. During this period, he spent summers just outside of Paris in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and from there he visited the scenic locales on the Mediterranean coast that would inspire some of his best artworks. He also found great success in Vienna, where he exhibited and received several medals, including the Order of Francis Joseph. 

Late 19th century

Canvas: 32 3/4" high x 28 1/4" wide
Frame: 40" high x 36 1/4" wide
Monaco by Franz Richard Unterberger
Maker: Unterberger, Franz Richard
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: Austria
Type: Paintings
Depth: 3.0 Inches
Width: 36.25 Inches
Height: 40.25 Inches
Canvas Width: 28.25 Inches
Canvas Height: 32.75 Inches
Monaco by Franz Richard Unterberger
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