Multi-Color South Sea Pearl Necklace

  • Twenty-nine lustrous South Sea pearls exhibit a multitude of colors in this exquisite necklace
  • The pearls range in color from stunning white to glamorous gold, and sleek black to flint gray
  • These natural treasures range in size from 13mm to 15mm
  • 17” length
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Item No. 30-2641

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Outstanding in quality and design, this single strand of South Sea pearls exhibits the wide array of color. Exhibiting hues ranging from lustrous white and shades of gray to deep black and vibrant golds, these large pearls radiate from within and will delight even the most sophisticated pearl connoisseur. Ranging in size from 13mm to 15mm, these enchanting gems of the sea are among the rarest in the world. 

Alluring and exotic, South Sea pearls are counted among the largest and most radiant of these natural gems. The Pinctada Maxima Oyster, the largest oyster in the world, is the only species capable of consistently producing pearls of this extraordinary size. Discovered only in the pure, clean waters of the South Seas, the oysters are found in small numbers, making these extraordinary pearls very rare. Renowned for their soft iridescence, radiant luster and incredible size, South Sea pearls are truly extraordinary treasures of nature.

17” length
The twenty-nine multi-colored South Sea pearls in this exquisite necklace range from 13mm to 15mm
Period: Contemporary
Origin: South Sea
Type: Necklaces
Length: 17
Style: Modern

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