Natural Alexandrite and Diamond Ring, 6.03 Carats

  • This amazing Alexandrite weighs an impressive 6.03 carats
  • The GIA has certified this stone to be natural
  • The jewel changes from a reddish purple to a brilliant green in different lighting
  • The color-changing wonder is surrounded by 1 carat of diamonds
  • Get complete item description here
Item No. 30-8729

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A wondrous 6.03 carat Alexandrite is the star of this beautiful ring. The phenomenal color-changing jewel is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be entirely natural with the ability to change from a reddish purple hue in incandescent light and a lush green in daylight. Flanking this mesmerizing gemstone are glistening white diamonds totaling 1 carat. Set in 18K white gold.

An intriguing stone with a noble history, Alexandrite is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Its most unique property is the spectacular change of color. This color change depends on the stone’s reaction to incandescent and daylight. The first Alexandrite was discovered in Russia in 1834 on the birthday of Czar Alexander II. The Czar initially claimed all subsequent finds of this natural chrysoberyl, making this truly the gemstone of royalty.
Natural Alexandrite and Diamond Ring, 6.03 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Russia
Type: Rings
Style: Modern

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