Nepenthes Garniture Set by Baccarat

  • This three-piece crystal garniture set was created by the famed Baccarat
  • The set is comprised of two vases and a large bowl - all acid-etched with botanical designs
  • Every aspect of both the workmanship and design is meticulously executed
  • Complete Baccarat garnitures of this craftsmanship and original condition are very hard to come by
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Item No. 31-3785

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This garniture set by the Baccarat cristallerie displays the exceptional workmanship for which this legendary firm is renowned. The garniture comprises three pieces — a pair of vases and a large bowl — and all are crafted of finely etched light blue glass decorated in a lush, tropical motif. The blue ground is etched in an overlapping, stylized leaf pattern, creating the illusion of a dense forest. The vases are decorated with a pattern of nepenthes, or carnivorous pitcher plants, while the bowl is decorated with exotic orchids, and the images possess all the precision of botanical drawings. These patterns are acid-etched onto the blue ground, a technique requiring exceptional skill and precision, and gilded details complete the intricate design. From the meticulous hand-etching to the carefully executed botanical designs, this rare garniture is in a class of its own.

Established by the Royal Decree of Louis XV, Baccarat has consistently produced glass and crystal works that have revolutionized and dazzled the industry. From the beginning, the company received numerous royal commissions from French nobility and aristocrats across Europe, most notably Tsar Nicolas of Russia, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Napoleon. The firm won its first gold medal at the 1855 Exposition Universelle in Paris and continued win prizes at the great international exhibitions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, antique works by this prestigious company are exceedingly rare, especially magnificent, complete sets such as this.

A vase of the same pattern was displayed by Baccarat at the Exposition Internationale de l'Est de la France of 1909 in Nancy. It was also displayed in a monumental exhibition of Baccarat's work at the Petit Palais in Paris in 2014.

Each piece bears its original "Baccarat France" sticker

Circa 1909

Vases: 6 7/8" wide x 3 7/8" deep x 10" high
Bowl: 13 6/8" wide x 6 1/8" deep x 5 1/2" high

Baccarat: La Légende du Cristal, Petit Palais Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, p. 88
Nepenthes Garniture Set by Baccarat
Maker: Baccarat
Period: 20th Century
Origin: France
Type: Vases/Rose Bowls
Depth: 6.13 Inches
Width: 13.63 Inches
Height: 5.5 Inches
Style: Cameo

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