Oval Diamond Ring, Type IIa, 6.92 Carats

  • A breathtaking 6.92-carat white diamond of superior quality centers this ring
  • The gem is GIA-certified as an internally flawless, D-color type iia diamond
  • Its Type IIa grading means it is completely devoid of color
  • Set in platinum
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Item No. 31-4574

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Spectacular color, clarity and rarity distinguish this 6.92-carat diamond, which is graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as being a clear D-color, type IIa jewel. A letter from the GIA accompanies the certificate that states, “Type IIa diamonds are the most chemically pure type of diamond and have exceptional optical transparency,” underscoring this gem’s visual beauty. Additionally, it is graded as internally flawless with excellent polish and symmetry, placing this gem among the most desirable of its type. The oval-cut stone is framed by an elegantly curved, diamond-encrusted platinum setting.

A type IIa diamond grading means that the stone is totally void of nitrogen, making them chemically pure. Nitrogen is the element that gives diamonds a yellowish tinge. Without it, the stone is able to transmit UV and visible light that other diamonds block, making type IIa diamonds so incredibly pure and transparent that they actually appear to be two to three shades whiter than other D-color diamonds. Today, it is estimated that fewer than 2% of all the diamonds mined throughout the world can be graded as type IIa.

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Oval Diamond Ring, Type IIa, 6.92 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Oval Diamond Ring, Type IIa, 6.92 Carats
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