Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

  • A spellbindingly beautiful 4.12-carat Paraiba tourmaline glows in this stunning ring
  • Only found in three regions of the world, Paraiba tourmalines are rarer than diamonds
  • A vibrant 2.93-carat diamond with D color and VS1 clarity is paired with this Paraiba
  • The jewels are accompanied by 1.05 carats of diamonds in this hand-crafted platinum setting
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Item No. 30-6632

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An exquisite 4.12-carat Paraiba tourmaline displays its brilliant aqua color in this contemporary ring. Paraiba tourmalines are among the rarest and most exciting gemstones in the world, and this stone exhibits the signature vivid blue-green color seen only in the finest specimens. This dynamic pear-shaped jewel is paired with a 2.93-carat white diamond of D color with VS1 clarity characteristics. An additional 1.05 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds surround the jewels and travel down the entire band of this hand-crafted platinum mounting.

Only first discovered in Brazil in 1989, Paraiba tourmalines are now found in only three regions of the world: Brazil, Africa and Mozambique. These stones owe their spectacular coloring to the presence of copper in the stone. For every 10,000 diamonds mined, only one Paraiba tourmaline is discovered. Due to the specific mineral composition of the Brazilian mine, nature has created a gemstone that stands out among all others and is considered even rarer than diamonds.

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Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
Treasures from Brazil: Paraiba Tourmalines

Absolutely convinced he would find treasure buried deep beneath the barren hills of Paraiba, Brazil, the legendary miner Heitor Dimas Barbosa tunneled with a dedication and fury unlike any seen before…     The Games of th...

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