Patek Philippe French Naval Chronometer Wall Clock

  • This rare Chronorquartz model CE28Y naval chronometer was crafted by the renowned Patek Philippe
  • The timepiece was made for Auricoste, the official supplier of timepieces to the French Navy
  • Patek Phillipe master clock systems were considered the most precise systems on the market
  • The firm created their master clocks on a commission-only basis, meaning no two are exactly alike
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Item No. 30-2905

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Made for Auricoste, the official supplier of timepieces to the French Navy, this exceptional Patek Philippe "Chronoquartz" model CE28Y naval chronometer master wall clock features a large time face with an auxiliary, or "slave" clock, below. The clock keeps track of the time using a quartz crystal. In 1947, Patek Philippe launched its electronic clock division dedicated to the research and development of the world's most precise electronic, quartz and atomic timepieces. Their technologically advanced creations made their first public debut at the 1964 New York World's Fair, where Patek Philippe showcased a timekeeping system in the Swiss Pavillion that distributed accurate time to slave clocks placed throughout the fairgrounds. Catering to leaders of industry, government and science, the firm created their electronic clocks on a special commission basis, meaning no two timepieces are exactly alike. 

Bears the Auricoste plaque and marked "Patek Philippe Geneve" No. 720436

Circa 1964-1968

10 1/4" wide x 6 1/2" deep x 17 1/2" high
Patek Philippe French Naval Chronometer Wall Clock
Maker: Patek Philippe
Period: 20th Century
Origin: Switzerland
Type: Chronometers
Depth: 6.5 Inches
Width: 10.25 Inches
Height: 17.5 Inches

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