Patek Philippe Radio Controller

  • This electronic radio control, model MIC, was made by the famed Patek Philippe
  • The firm's electronics division created unique systems for numerous industries throughout the world
  • Each of the three units in this controller transmits at a different frequency
  • Since each was specially commissioned, no to Patek Philippe systems are exactly alike
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Item No. 30-2941

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This rare and unique electronic radio controller, model MIC, is part of Patek Philippe's Electronic Master Clock System and is able to control radio frequencies by keeping accurate time, noting the hours, minutes, seconds and 1/10th of a second. The three Z4 units transmit at different frequencies: 1.9 khz, 6.4 khz and 7.68 khz. These incredible electronic marvels were crafted on a commissioned basis for only the most important clients, such as national broadcasting companies, utilities, hospitals and government offices. Since each was specially ordered, no two systems were ever created exactly alike.

Marked "Patek Philippe"

Created between 1979 and 1989

19 7/8" wide x 15 3/4" deep x 16 3/4" high
Since each system was made on a commissioned basis, no two are exactly alike
Maker: Patek Philippe
Period: 20th Century
Origin: Switzerland
Depth: 15.75 Inches
Width: 19.88 Inches
Height: 16.75 Inches

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