Patek Philippe T3 Master Clock System

  • This one-of-a-kind electronic master clock system was crafted by Patek Philippe of Geneva
  • Patek Philippe precision time towers were considered the most precise systems on the market
  • This innovative system was specially made for use at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany
  • The module-style system guaranteed complete time synchronization in multiple locations
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Item No. 30-2940

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This rare nine-module time tower by Patek Philippe of Geneva represents the most state of the art master timing systems of its day. Part of the highly regarded and technologically advanced Patek Philippe Electronic Clock System, this master clock system can control an almost unlimited amount of slave clocks. Specially crafted for use at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany, this module-style system could guarantee complete time synchronization displayed in multiple locations, offering both flexibility and accuracy during everyday operations. The internal quartz crystal on the master module is designed to maintain its accuracy through automatic time transmission from the nearby Geneva observatory. The unique components boast 36 individual analog dials that each measure hours, minutes, and seconds. 

Renowned clockmakers Patek Philippe established their electronic time keeping division in 1946 with the primary goal of developing the most accurate timekeeping clocks and watches on the market. It was during the 1970s that the Swiss company perfected this remarkable technology, and their master clock systems were largely considered the most cutting edge and precise systems on the market. These incredible master clock systems were crafted on a commissioned basis for only the most important clients, meaning no two systems were ever created exactly alike. An array of businesses and services, including airports, hospital, radio stations, jewelry and office buildings, employed these timing systems to ensure that the exact time was uniformly displayed throughout a building or complex. Today, the few unique systems created by the company are incredibly rare limited editions and seldom appear on the market.

Circa 1980

23 1/2” wide x 23 1/4” deep x 71” high
This rare, state-of-the-art master clock system was crafted by Patek Philippe of Geneva
Maker: Patek Philippe
Period: 20th Century
Origin: Switzerland
Depth: 23.25 Inches
Width: 23.5 Inches
Height: 71.0 Inches

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