Patek Philippe World Time Tower

  • Patek Philippe clocks are incredibly rare and were specially commissioned pieces
  • This exceptional Patek Philippe time tower is one of the few of its kind
  • The one-of-a-kind clock shows times for six major cities
  • The unique time tower is truly a masterpiece of innovation and horology
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Item No. 30-1954

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This sleek seven-module time tower was created by Patek Philippe of Geneva. Part of the highly regarded Patek Philippe Electronic Clock System, this time tower was likely once used to help regulate machinery at a military hospital in Helsingborg, Sweden. With this module-style time tower system, one could mix and match components to create a truly unique timekeeping system of their choice. These components, known as "slaves," could be digital or analog, could read months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. 

Notorious for their mechanically complex wrist and pocket watches, it is no surprise that the Swiss firm of Patek Philippe developed such an advanced timepiece. The highly sophisticated clock indicates the times of six major cities around the world with the utmost precision, while the master time is displayed in the top tower with red Nixie tubes. The tower received the master time through the antennae from the radio controlled HBG Swiss Time Observatory in Prangins. The use of HGB signals in these Time Towers revolutionized industrial technology in their time.

The few clocks Patek Philippe created are incredibly rare limited editions and were specially commissioned pieces. Clocks such as this amazing example rarely appear on the market, and this unique time tower is truly a masterpiece of horology.

20th Century

37” high x 19” wide x 8” deep
One of the few of its kind, this Patek Philippe time tower is a rare achievement
Maker: Patek Philippe
Period: 20th Century
Origin: Switzerland
Depth: 8.0 Inches
Width: 19.0 Inches
Height: 37.0 Inches

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