Pear-Cut Golconda Diamond Ring, 3.02 Carats

  • An extremely rare internally flawless diamond stars in this spectacular ring
  • The incredible 3.02-carat gem bears all the hallmarks of the famed Golconda diamonds of India
  • The pear-cut gem is GIA-certified as D color and Type IIa.
  • A pair of baguette diamonds weighing 0.25 carat join this jewel in its platinum setting
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Item No. 29-9242

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The extremely rare and highly important internally flawless diamond in this ring boasts all the hallmarks of the legendary Golconda diamonds. Weighing 3.02 carats, the pear-shaped diamond is certified by the Gemological Institute of America to be D color and Type IIa, meaning it is completely pure and lacking any trace of nitrogen, the element that gives diamonds color. This lack of nitrogen makes the extraordinary stone a full two shades whiter than the whitest diamonds.

 Known as the “Ultimate Diamond,” Golconda diamonds are the purest of all diamonds, possessing a level of clarity, purity, and transparency unrivaled by any other stone. They are universally accepted as the finest diamonds in the world, and count the Hope Diamond, the Agra Diamond, the Darya-i-Nur in Iran and the Koh-i-Noor (part of the British Crown Jewels) among their ranks. Few other stones from outside the Golconda region can match the beauty and perfection of these legendary stones; this extraordinary example is one of the few among them.

Set in platinum with two baguette diamonds totaling 0.25 carat.

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Pear-Cut Golconda Diamond Ring, 3.02 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Stones: Diamonds
Style: Modern
Pear-Cut Golconda Diamond Ring, 3.02 Carats
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