Pietre Dure Plaque by Velga

  • This exceptional pietre dure plaque is the work of the Velga workshop
  • The charming scene depicts a farmer flirting with a beautiful young woman
  • The artist's use of the natural inclusions of a stone create texture and shadow
  • It is a stunning example of this difficult and highly collectible art form
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Item No. 31-3652

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A farmer flirts with a beautiful young woman as his jealous admirer looks on from afar in this magnificent pietre dure plaque by the Manufacture Velga. The work is emblematic of the scenes of rural life that were favored by Italian pietre dure artisans; this scene is modeled after a painting by Luigi Bechi who belonged to the Italian school of peasant painters. The superlative quality and beauty of the stone specimens utilized to create the composition distinguishes this piece, and the artist’s ingenious use of the natural striations and inclusions in his stones allows him to convey texture and shadow to brilliant effect.

Manufacture Velga was a workshop founded by a group Florentine pietre dure artisans including Vasco Sonetti, Ezio Gheri, Luciano Garbati, Giovanni Quadrelli and Arnaldo Angeli that was active in Pietrasanta and Tonfano. The art of pietre dure developed from the ancient art of opus sectile, where materials were cut and inlaid into walls and floors to form a decorative pattern. The meticulous technique requires that fine marbles and stones be carefully and artfully inlaid into a stone base. The technique was both expensive and time-consuming, requiring not only precious materials but also highly skilled craftsmen. As a result, true marble and stone pietre dure works such as this are very rare and highly collectible.

A very similar pietre dure plaque of the same subject is featured on page 123 Anna Maria Massinelli’s book, Painting in Stone.

Early 20th century

Plaque: 14 3/8" high x 12 3/4" wide
Frame: 16 7/8" wide x 1 1/8" deep x 20 5/8" high
Pietre Dure Plaque by Velga
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: Italy
Type: Other Fine Art
Depth: 1.13 Inches
Width: 16.88 Inches
Height: 20.63 Inches
Canvas Width: 12.75 Inches
Canvas Height: 14.325 Inches

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