Pink Sapphire and Diamond Necklace by Asprey & Co.

  • This pink sapphire and white diamond necklace was crafted by the celebrated Asprey & Co.
  • The London-based firm includes a luminous pink sapphire encircled by brilliant white diamonds
  • The creation is an iconic example of the high-fashion jewelry designs of the legendary firm
  • Set in 18K yellow gold
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Item No. 31-6213

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A dazzling burst of color and artistry, this sapphire and diamond necklace is an iconic example of the high-fashion jewelry designs of the legendary Asprey & Company. The pendant, comprised of 18K yellow gold in a sunburst motif, features a luminous pink sapphire totaling 7.41 carats. The brilliant-cut gem is certified by the Gemological Institute of America as being all-natural, with no heat treatments utilized to enhance the jewel's natural coveted hue. The sapphire is encircled by glittering white diamonds totaling approximately 4.00 carats, and all the jewels are set into the elegant pendant on a braided 18K yellow gold chain.

Counted among the finest purveyors of jewelry and luxury goods, London-based Asprey & Company was founded in 1781 and quickly grew into the luxury emporium it is known as today. Hiring the most highly regarded craftsmen and designers in Europe, the company touches every part of the luxury industry, and currently, holds Royal Warrant of appointment from the Prince of Wales. Its first royal warrant was granted in 1862 by Queen Victoria, and since then the company has supplied crowns, coronets and stunning jewelry creations for royal families around the world. Joining with legendary royal jewelers Garrard & Company in 1998, Asprey enjoyed continued success and royal patronage from Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother, and Prince Charles. Recently, the company was commissioned to create the diamond ring for Prince Edward's engagement to Sophie Rhys-Jones. Garrard & Asprey parted company in 2000, with Garrard continuing its global promotion as a high-margin brand, and Asprey retaining its low-key exclusivity. 

Pendant: 1 1/2" length

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Pink Sapphire and Diamond Necklace by Asprey & Co.
Period: Contemporary
Type: Necklaces
Length: 1
Style: Modern

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