Pre-Columbian Chupicuaro Figure

  • This petite figurine is exemplary of the ceramic tradition of the Chupicuaro culture
  • With her elaborate coiffure and ear plugs, she represents a fertility goddess or young woman
  • Such pieces were a highly important symbol for the region
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This petite Chupicuaro figurine represents a woman in an elaborate coiffure with large ear plug and a necklace. These accessories were all highly prized by Chupicuaro nobility, indicating this figurine was imbued with significant cultural importance. Archaeologists are unsure what these miniature figures were used for, but the fact that they are found throughout the Valley of Mexico indicates that they were an important symbol for the region. While most were left unpainted, evidence of some color is seen in this example on the arms, necklace and coiffure.

The Chupícuaro ceramic tradition is one of the oldest in Mesoamerica. It includes an array of female figurines decorated with geometric motifs as well as vessels in a great variety of shapes. Chupicuaro's influence in the Valley of México is evidenced by large amounts of petite and highly adorned figurines such as this example. 

500 BC - 300 AD

2" wide x 4" high
Pre-Columbian Chupicuaro Figure
Period: Ancient
Type: Antiquities
Depth: 2.0 Inches
Width: 2.0 Inches
Height: 4.0 Inches

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