Pre-Columbian Diquis Jaguar Vessel

  • This exceptionally rare Diquís vessel takes the shape of a jaguar
  • The jaguar was closely associated with the hunter and warrior in Diquís culture
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This exceptional Pre-Columbian vessel from the Diquís culture of present-day Costa Rica takes the form of a jaguar. A symbol of strength and power, the jaguar represented the hunter, killer and warrior, while the jaguar god was believed to have helped protect the deceased as they crossed over into the spiritual realm. This vessel, thus, was almost certainly an effigy vessel used during important ceremonies and rituals related to the hunt, war and funerary services.

Diquis pre-historic pottery is notable for its petite and compact design, and Diquis ceramic artists excelled in combining traditional jar forms with those of animals. The present piece is an excellent example of the red and black ware that was popular in the region, featuring the markings and features of the feline.

The Diquís culture arose in the territory of what is now Costa Rica, along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The word diquís appropriately means "Great Waters" or "Great River" in the Boruca language, and the delta of the great Diquís River is a major feature of the region’s geography. A unified Native American culture appears to have flourished in this area of Central America from approximately 1200 BC until the 16th century.

700-1530 AD

4 1/2" high x 5 1/2" diameter
Pre-Columbian Diquis Jaguar Vessel
Period: Ancient
Type: Antiquities
Diameter: 5.5 Inches
Depth: 5.5 Inches
Width: 5.5 Inches
Height: 4.5 Inches

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