Pre-Columbian Mayan Bowl

  • This Copador polychrome bowl dates to the Late Classic Mayan period
  • The hand-painted vessel depicts the mythical Maya hero twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque
  • Such vessels were remarkably important as symbols of status in Mayan culture
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Item No. 29-9711

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This Late Classic Mayan bowl is executed in the Copador style, a polychrome ceramic style found primarily at archaeological sites in western El Salvador. These bowls typically conveyed images of Mayan elites, as well as pseudo-glyphs and references to mythology. This particular bowl almost certainly represents the mythical Maya hero twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, swimming through the underworld of Xibalba on a heroic quest.

Vessels such as this bowl, along with jade and obsidian items, were often used as currency and important heirlooms in ancient Mayan culture. They were important status symbols for the Mayan chiefly class as well as the rising elites of Middle to Late Classic El Salvador. Over time, these prestigious pieces facilitated the rise of Salvadoran elites and helped to reinforce their status in society.

600-900 AD

5" high x 5" diameter
Pre-Columbian Mayan Bowl
Period: Ancient
Type: Antiquities
Diameter: 5 Inches
Depth: 5.0 Inches
Width: 5.0 Inches
Height: 5.0 Inches

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