Pre-Columbian Sinu Gold Nose Piece

  • This intriguing gold nose ornament is an extraordinary piece of rare Pre-Columbian jewelry.
  • It was crafted by the Sinu, an Amerindian tribe from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia
  • Made from hammered sheet gold, it is crafted in an elegant, sculptural design
  • This item was almost certainly worn by a person of immense political power and wealth
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This intriguing Sinu nose ornament is made from hammered sheet gold and is fascinating in its abstraction and modernist design. Designed to be worn around the septum, the piece mimics the appearance of whiskers when worn. Even though it is centuries old, a Pre-Columbian gold ornament such as this piece could rival any contemporary jewelry or sculptural design and is a rare and significant find.

The Pre-Columbian Sinu lived in the river valleys and along the Caribbean Coast of Colombia from around 200 to 1600 AD. They were most renowned for their elaborate irrigation and waterwork systems, their exquisite gold work, and the political significance of women in their social structure. 16th-century Spaniards came to the area lured by the magnificence of the Sinu's ceremonial burial gold. Much of this gold was cast using the lost wax method, but much like this extraordinary nose ornament, gold was also hammered into plates and reliefs with refined skill and artistry.

600-1250 AD

10 1/4" length
Pre-Columbian Sinu Gold Nose Piece
Period: Pre-18th Century
Origin: America
Length: 10
Height: 10.25 Inches
Style: Ancient

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