Pueblo Cut Glass Bowl by Hawkes

  • The Pueblo pattern adorns this exquisitely executed cut glass bowl
  • Crafted by the renowned T.G. Hawkes & Co., it is one of the most complex designs of the period
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This exceptionally rare American Brilliant Period Pueblo pattern cut glass bowl was crafted by the renowned T.G. Hawkes & Co. The Pueblo motif, also known as Concentric Circles is one of the most desirable American Brilliant Period cut glass patterns ever made. It is beautifully executed here on a scalloped blank, with extremely fine hobstar cutting between beveled interlocking circles. Both the precision of execution and artistry of design are hallmarks of Hawkes' most desirable creations.

Founded in 1880 by Thomas G. Hawkes, the Hawkes Company was making glass for the White House by 1886. In 1889, two of their cut glass patterns won the Grand Prize at the Paris Exposition. This coveted prize not only brought prestige to Hawkes, but for the first time American glass gained a firm place on the international stage. By the 20th century, American cut glass was world renowned, with Hawkes's Cut Glass Company providing some of the finest and most inspired pieces of any other maker.

Circa 1910

7" diameter x 1 3/4" high
Pueblo Cut Glass Bowl by Hawkes
Maker: T.G. Hawkes & Co.
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Bowls/Plates
Depth: 1.75 Inches
Width: 7.0 Inches
Height: 7.0 Inches
Style: American Brilliant Cut Glass

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