Russian Emerald Ring, 4.48 Carats

  • The step-cut emerald in this classic ring hails from the Ural Mountains in Russia
  • Weighing 4.48 carats, the stone is certified as being entirely untreated
  • Russian emeralds such as this one are highly coveted for their bright green hue and high clarity
  • Set in platinum with diamond accents
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Item No. 31-5283

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Few emeralds are as rare or as beautiful as those that hail from the Ural Mountains in Russia, and the 4.48-carat example in this ring displays all of the best qualities of this stone. The step-cut octagonal gemstone is certified by the GemResearch Swisslab as both Russian and as showing no evidence of clarity enhancements. This means that no oil has been used to improve its appearance and that its intense green hue is entirely natural. The emerald is set in platinum with 1.65 carats of diamond accents.

While Colombian and Zambian emeralds dominate the market, the Russian emerald has been a rarity since the Soviet era, when the mines in the Ural Mountains were nationalized and mined for beryllium instead of emerald. While emerald mining has since returned to the region, these high-quality stones remain elusive on the market, highly prized for their bright green hues and high clarity.

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Russian Emerald Ring, 4.48 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Russia
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Russian Emerald Ring, 4.48 Carats
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