S.S. Central America Kellogg & Humbert Gold Ingot, 27.87 Ounces

  • This rare Kellogg & Humbert gold ingot is a fascinating artifact of the California Gold Rush
  • Recovered from the shipwrecked S.S. Central America, it weighs 27.87 ounces and has .872 fineness
  • The S.S. Central America famously shipwrecked in 1857, losing its extensive cargo of gold
  • Gold bars from this historic ship rarely come to market, especially ingots of this quality
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Item No. 31-3349

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This impressive gold ingot from assayers Kellogg & Humbert weighs in at 27.87 ounces, and it is a rare survivor of the California Gold Rush era. It was recovered from the wreckage of the ill-fated S.S. Central America, the famed “Ship of Gold.” The side-wheel steamer was in continuous service transporting gold on the Atlantic leg of the Panama Route between New York and San Francisco, making 43 round trips between New York and Panama. In September of 1857, while carrying 10 short tons of gold from the California gold mines, she encountered a hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas and tragically sunk along with all of her precious cargo.

When the wreckage was discovered in the 1980s, 532 Kellogg & Humbert ingots were recovered, including the present example. The San Francisco assayers were important participants in the California Gold Rush; however, until the discovery of the Central America, no bars from the firm were known. This specimen is inscribed with serial #777, its weight (27.87oz), its fineness (.872) and its original 1857 value of $502.37. The reverse displays the Kellogg & Humbert hallmark. It is remarkably well-preserved and displays a crisp, bright yellow color. Ingots from the S.S. Central America are extremely valuable, sought after and rare on the market.
S.S. Central America Kellogg & Humbert Gold Ingot, 27.87 Ounces
Period: 19th Century
Origin: America
Type: Coins
S.S. Central America Kellogg & Humbert Gold Ingot, 27.87 Ounces
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