Sailor's Navigation Cane

  • This incredible walking stick reassembles into a sailor's telescope
  • The various compartments contain a tripod stand for the telescope
  • Also included are various tools, including a compass and writing instruments
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Item No. 30-7109

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 A sailor would have navigated the ocean easily using this cane that reassembles into a telescope with tripod stand. Necessary navigation instruments, including a wind gauge that attaches to the top of the telescope, a compass and writing instruments, are conveniently held within the shaft.

Telescopes were not only functional instruments of necessity while at sea, but were also a symbol of honor for captains, admirals, and respected officers. The telescope was a necessity that allowed mariners to do practically everything: navigate, communicate with other vessels (via a system of flag signals with other boats), find their proper harbor, and even identify whether a ship in the distance was friend or foe. 

38” length 
Sailor's Navigation Cane
Period: 19th Century
Type: System/Gadget Canes
Length: 38
Width: 1.0 Inches
Height: 38.0 Inches

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