Septimius Severus Gold Roman Aureus

  • Roman emperor Septimius Severus appears on this ancient gold coin
  • Created during his reign (193-211 A.D.), it is a rare example of early Roman currency
  • Its design is well-centered with crisp detailing, and it is a candidate for finest known of its type
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Item No. 31-3352

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This ancient gold Roman Aureus features the likeness of emperor Septimius Severus, and it is a rare look at some of the earliest currency known to history. Septimius Severus came to power in 193 A.D. and reigned until his death in 211 A.D. His period of office was a significant event in Roman history due to his background. Born in the provincial city of Leptis Magna in present-day Libya, he was the first African to attain the highest position in the Roman empire. Here, he is pictured on the obverse in profile, facing right, wearing a crown of laurel leaves. The reverse features the seated Fortuna, goddess of fortune and the personification of luck, holding rudder and cornucopia with a wheel under her seat. Its design is well-centered with crisp detailing on brilliant, bright gold — an astounding feat considering it was struck around 1,800 years ago.

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) reports that there are 41 Septimius Severus gold Aurei certified in all grades from Fine to Gem Mint State. This particular coin is believed to be a candidate for the finest known of its type.

Circa 203 A.D.
Septimius Severus Gold Roman Aureus
Period: Ancient
Type: Coins

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