Singing Bird Automaton

  • This Victorian singing bird automaton is a work of mechanical artistry
  • The tiny feathered birds move and chirp along with the music box's enchanting song
  • Singing bird boxes such as this are among the most complicated and coveted of all automata
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Item No. 30-7479

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Two hand-crafted birds romp amongst the flowers in this exquisite Victorian musical automaton. Combining outstanding artistry with mechanical genius, the beautifully hand-painted base contains the complicated mechanism that brings the birds to life. A turn of the key begins the birdsong, as both feathered figures moving their beaks and turning from side to side along to the tune. Each is crafted with genuine hummingbird feathers, which are known for their vivid color and iridescent qualities. Singing bird automatons exhibiting this superior level of detail and design are extremely rare, especially those showcasing the clarity of sound and excellent working condition of the present example.

Circa 1880

19 5/8" high x 8 3/4" diameter
Singing Bird Automaton
Period: 19th Century
Type: Automatons/Orchestrions
Diameter: 8.75 Inches
Depth: 8.75 Inches
Width: 8.75 Inches
Height: 19.63 Inches

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