Soprano Limited Edition Watch by Christophe Claret

  • This limited edition Christophe Claret watch hails from his Soprano collection
  • It boasts two highly coveted luxury timepiece complications: tourbillon movement and minute repeater
  • The repeater employs four gongs hit by hammers on the face that play the full Westminster Quarters
  • The sought-after movement is housed in a sleek red gold and brown titanium case
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Item No. 31-2546

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Hailing from the Christophe Claret limited edition Soprano collection, this watch possesses two of the most sought after complications among luxury timepiece collectors: a tourbillon movement and minute repeater. The tourbillon was specially designed in order to combat the effects of gravity on the balance spring of a mechanical movement. Here, the escapement and balance wheel are suspended within a cage that rotates on a circle, averaging out the errors caused by gravitational pull on the escapement mechanism and resulting in a highly precise movement. Claret is also lauded in particular for his chiming watches such as this one, which employs four gongs hit by four hammers visible on the face. The chimes play the full Westminster Quarters notes — four notes rather than the typical two of most other minute repeaters.

The coveted movement is housed in a sleek red gold and chocolate brown titanium case with no dial or backplate, allowing for a deep view into the movement. Claret is known for creating exceptionally complex and highly innovative watches, and this example fully showcases his mastery of the craft.

Watchmaker and complications specialist Christophe Claret attended the Ecole d'Horlogerie de Geneve, the oldest and most prestigious watchmaking school in Switzerland. After establishing a workshop in 1987, Claret began providing exclusive movements for high-end watchmakers, including Breguet, Cartier and Girard-Perregaux. He went on to co-found the watch manufacturer Jean Dunand before eventually starting his eponymous firm.
Soprano Limited Edition Watch by Christophe Claret
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Other Europe
Type: Wristwatches
Style: Modern
Soprano Limited Edition Watch by Christophe Claret
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