South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace

  • Twenty-one monumental South Sea Baroque pearls comprise this classic necklace
  • The one-of-a-kind gems measure an incredible 19.5mm to 18mm
  • An 18K white gold pear-shaped clasp secures the elegant strand
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Item No. 30-7347

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Exhibiting the unparalleled luster for which South Sea pearls are so prized, the white Baroque pearls in this necklace measure a remarkable 19.5mm to 18mm. South Sea pearls are among the rarest and most coveted in the world thanks to their large size and unusually thick nacre layers, which lends the gems an unequaled luster. Created by the Pinctada maxima oyster, the monumental pearls are found exclusively in the waters of the South Sea, making their numbers extremely limited.

The pearls in this necklace are also set apart by their Baroque shape. Each one is intrinsically different, making this necklace truly one of a kind. An elegant pear-shaped 18K white gold clasp embedded with diamonds secure the monumental pearls, completing this timeless and elegant design. 

18 3/4" length
South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace
Period: Contemporary
Origin: South Sea
Type: Necklaces
Length: 18
Width: 18.75 Inches
Style: Modern

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