Spessartite Garnet Earrings by Hemmerle, 32.50 Carats

  • Richly colored spessertite garnets totaling 32.50 carats cover these earrings by Hemmerle
  • This rare gemstone glows with the radiance of a sunset amid white accent diamonds
  • Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold
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Item No. 31-5717

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The incredible, deep brownish-orange hue of spessartite garnets places them among the most beautiful and distinctive colored gemstones. The examples in these earrings by German jewelers Hemmerle, totaling 32.50 carats, radiate with the warmth of a sunset and are joined by approximately 0.88 carats of white diamonds. Hemmerle is a fourth-generation, family-run jewelry firm beloved for its attention to detail and stellar craftsmanship. The celebrated firm treats each jewel as a work of art. Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold.

The spessartite garnet derives its name from the city of Spessart in Bavaria, Germany, where it was discovered in the 1990s. The gem was originally favored only by a handful of jewelers and gemstone connoisseurs due to the rarity of specimens of gem quality, color and clarity. It quickly garnered the attention of the international market, as its intense orange coloration and excellent refractive rating make this jewel sparkle in even scant light conditions. Today, the uniquely brilliant stone is one of the most sought after in the world.

1 1/4" length
Spessartite Garnet Earrings by Hemmerle, 32.50 Carats
Type: Earrings
Spessartite Garnet Earrings by Hemmerle, 32.50 Carats
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