Spiral Vase by Camille Fauré

  • This enamel and copper vase is by Camille Fauré, a leader of the Art Deco movement
  • Its raised surface is a signature of Fauré's work and a result of hand-applying layers of enamel
  • The firm was known for its geometric designs and careful attention to detail
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Luminous gold, orange and red enamels in spiraling designs adorn this Art Deco-era vase by Camille Fauré. A leader of the Art Deco movement in France, Fauré designed and produced modern geometric and floral decorative objects out of his factory in Limoges. There, he developed his signature hand-enameling technique involving layers upon layers of vibrantly colored enamels "built up" on the surface of copper vase forms, resulting in a tactile quality unique to Fauré's works.

One of the most celebrated enamelers of the Art Deco era, the workshop of Camille Fauré shifted not only the popular style of enamels in the traditional city of Limoges, but also the methods of creating these pieces. After apprenticing for several years, Fauré established his own workshop in Limoges at the turn of the century, where he helped to usher in a new era of decorative enamels. He exhibited at the 1925 International Exhibition in Paris that famously gave name to the emerging Art Deco movement. Known for the elaborate Art Deco vases it produced, Fauré also produced a vast array of brilliant floral designs, upon which its success firmly rested. Fauré's works can be found in museum collections around the world, including The Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

A very similar vase can be found on page 128 of Cork Marcheschi's book Camille Fauré: Impossible Objects.

Signed "C. Fauré - Limoges"

Circa 1925

5" wide x 5" deep x 10 1/4” high
Spiral Vase by Camille Fauré
Maker: Camille Fauré
Period: 20th Century
Origin: France
Type: Vases/Vessels
Depth: 5.0 Inches
Width: 5.0 Inches
Height: 10.25 Inches
Style: Art Deco

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