Tahitian Pearl, Tsavorite and Sapphire Necklace

  • Brilliant tsavorite garnets, blue and yellow sapphires and Tahitian pearls combine in this necklace
  • Set in 18K white gold
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Item No. 31-4860

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Elegant, richly colored Tahitian pearls comprise this classic necklace. The pearls, which exhibit a deep silver hue and stunning opalescence, measure 13.3mm-10.2mm and are accompanied by clusters of tsavorite garnets totaling 3.04 carats and blue and yellow sapphires totaling 2.20 carats. Set in 18K gold.

Tahitian pearls are highly coveted for their deep color and eye-catching luster. Tahitian pearls sourced from warm South Pacific waters are farmed from the Pinctada margaritifera, or black-lipped oyster, which produces pearls possessing the darkest, most vibrant coloring of any other pearl on Earth.

17" length
Tahitian Pearl, Tsavorite and Sapphire Necklace
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Tahiti
Type: Necklaces
Style: Modern
Tahitian Pearl, Tsavorite and Sapphire Necklace
Gems from the South Pacific - Tahitian Pearls

Pearls have been a highly sought after gem for the jewels of royalty and the extremely wealthy for thousands of years. Mosaics from as early as 500 C.E. picture kings and queens with crowns and robes adorned with hundreds of wh...

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