The Du Pont Padparadscha, 24.20 Carats

  • An incredibly rare Padparadscha sapphire displays its spellbinding orangy-pink hue in this ring
  • This sapphire weighs an impressive 24.20 carats and is accented by 3.50 carats of diamonds
  • This stone is certified by the GRS and AGL to be completely natural and untreated in any way
  • Once owned by the Du Pont family, the jewel's rarity and delicate color makes it highly desirable
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Exuding elegance and sophistication, the padparadscha sapphire at the center of this ring is a sight to behold. Displaying its perfect fiery orangy-pink color, the sapphire is certified by both the American Gemological Laboratories and Gemresearch Swisslabs as originating in Ceylon and being completely free of heat treatment - a rarity for padparadschas. The AGL further issued an appendix letter, which reads in part: "Its size approaching 25 cts, additionally places this gem in a class with very few gem-quality padparadschas from any source. It exhibits a vibrant shade of an orangy-pink color, which is very rare in this exclusive color variety of sapphire. [...] The lack of enhancement further accentuates the rarity, desirability and importance of this exclusive gem." The sapphire is joined by approximately 3.50 carats of pear- and marquis-cut diamonds. Set in 18K yellow gold.

The rarest and most valuable of all sapphires is the padparadscha. The name padparadscha is derived from the Sinhalese word for lotus blossom which shares the same pinkish-orange color. These gemstones were first mined in Ceylon where they quickly became some of the most desirable gemstones in the world. Sapphires are found in the entire rainbow of hues, but padparadschas, with their coveted color, are the only subset of sapphires known by their own name.

As if the sumptuous beauty and quality of this padparadscha sapphire were not enough, the gem's provenance provides further interest. In 1937, Pierre and Alice DuPont, the patriarch of the famed chemical and industrial family, went on a trip to Asia and visited the island of gems, Ceylon. During their visit, they asked to see the most important gem in the country, and then after seeing all of the finest stones available, they bought this exceptional sapphire. 

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The Du Pont Padparadscha, 24.20 Carats
Period: 20th Century
Origin: Ceylon
Type: Rings
Style: Retro
The Du Pont Padparadscha, 24.20 Carats
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