The Print Collector by Vittorio-Matteo Corcos

  • This highly realistic work by Italian painter Vittorio-Matteo Corcos
  • The composition fondly depicts the famed art dealer Adolphe Goupil
  • Corcos' works reside in prestigious museums and are highly sought after by collectors
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Vittorio-Matteo Corcos
1859-1933 | Italian

The Print Collector

Signed "V. Corcos" (upper left)
Oil on canvas

This highly realistic work by Italian painter Vittorio-Matteo Corcos depicts the famed art dealer Adolphe Goupil, owner of the renowned Gallerie Goupil, established in Paris in 1827. Goupil was a fervent champion of Corcos’ work, and Corcos painted almost exclusively for him for fifteen years. Goupil’s support afforded Corcos international exposure among the growing group of wealthy American collectors who visited Paris on the Grand Tour, as well as with the growing class of wealthy French eager to collect art. This portrait fondly depicts Goupil in his element, thoughtfully reviewing a handbill while surrounded by his treasured artworks. Corcos’ masterful use of oil casts a soft glow around Goupil while simultaneously underscoring the lines and creases that give his face and hands remarkable texture and character.

Born in Livorno, Italy, in 1859, Coroco moved to Florence in 1875 and was admitted to the local Accademia di Belle Arti. Thanks to a scholarship, he traveled to Naples in 1878 to attend courses in painting given by Domenico Morelli at the Istituto di Belle Arti. In 1880 he exhibited a work at the Società Promotrice di Belle Arti Salvator Rosa which was purchased by King Umberto I of Italy. That same year he traveled to Paris, and he went on to exhibit at the Salon on several occasions. His talent was noticed by writer Edmond de Goncourt and Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, who invited Corcos to her parlor gatherings, attended by prominent literary figures including Gustave Flaubert and Emile Zola. After 1882, more than seventy of Corcos’ paintings passed through the hands of Goupil and his colleagues Léon Boussod and Theo van Gogh, who painstakingly produced color reproductions to introduce his work to a broader audience. Today, his canvases are eagerly sought after by discerning collectors and reside at prestigious museums such as the Brooklyn Museum in New York and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Circa 1884

Canvas: 45 3/4" high x 32 1/8" wide
Frame: 51 3/8" high x 37" wide
The Print Collector by Vittorio-Matteo Corcos
Period: 1816-1918
Origin: France
Type: Paintings
Depth: 2.88
Width: 37.0
Height: 51.38
Canvas Width: 32.125
Canvas Height: 45.75
The Print Collector by Vittorio-Matteo Corcos
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