Tiffany & Co. Flemish Flatware Service, 183 Pieces

  • This Tiffany & Co. sterling silver flatware service includes 283 pieces
  • The service for 12 is crafted in the graceful and understated Flemish pattern
  • The popular pattern was inspired by the silver depicted in the paintings of Flemish masters
  • The service embodies the timeless sophistication that Tiffany represents
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Item No. 31-1194

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Tiffany & Co. sterling silver flatware is considered among the finest American silver ever crafted, and this Flemish pattern flatware service is an outstanding example of the firm's creativity and workmanship. This extensive service for 12 features a full array of place and serving pieces, including a number of rare items such as a butter pick and poultry sheers. In total, 183 pieces are fitted into the custom, original Tiffany & Co. case, all fashioned with the company's renowned craftsmanship.

The Flemish pattern was first introduced in 1911 as a modification of the popular 18th-century English silverware that featured trifid, or split, ends. The motif is inspired by the silver depicted in the paintings of the great Flemish masters, earning the pattern its name. Graceful and understated, Flemish is suitable for both traditional and modern table settings.

Marked “TIFFANY & CO/STERLING/PAT. 1911” with the “M” date mark for 1907-1947 

Case: 23 3/4” wide x 16” deep x 5” high

This service comprises:
12 Entrée Forks
12 Salad Forks
12 Ice Cream Forks
12 Oyster Forks
12 Dessert Forks
12 Teaspoons
12 Demitasse Spoons
12 Snubbed-Nose Grapefruit Spoons
12 Cream of Soup / Bouillon Spoons
12 Iced Tea Spoons
12 Salt Spoons
12 Butter Knives
12 Entrée Knives
12 Fruit / Orange Knives
2 Serving Forks
2 Serving Spoons
Pierced Serving Fork
Salad Serving Spoon
Salad Serving Fork
Jelly Knife
Butter Pick
Berry Spoon
Meat Carving Knife and Fork
Poultry Sheers
Ice Cream Knife
Cake Knife / Server
Tiffany & Co. Flemish Flatware Service, 183 Pieces
Maker: Tiffany & Co.
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Flatware
Depth: 16.0 Inches
Width: 23.75 Inches
Height: 5.0 Inches
Style: Georgian

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