Tiffany Studios Moresque Turtleback Tile Chandelier

  • Incredible golden hues of amber and yellow distinguish this exceptional Tiffany Studios chandelier
  • The motif is known as a Moresque or Moorish Turtleback Tile
  • This chandelier is among the most desirable and exotic of Tiffany's geometric lamps
  • Exquisite bronze provides the perfect setting for displaying the rich dichroic favrile glass
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Item No. 30-0569

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This important Tiffany Studios chandelier is crafted in a Moresque, or Moorish, Turtleback Tile motif, and is representative of Tiffany's most desired exotic geometric designs. This particular example exhibits a highly desirable blend of rich amber and golden yellow, giving a warm glowing effect when light passes through the favrile glass shades. The luminous art glass is expertly set in patinated bronze and both media are signatures of Tiffany Studios. The glass employed in Louis Comfort Tiffany’s designs possesses a delicate balance of vibrant colors and rich textures unique to each piece. Skillful design, careful execution and intensity of color combine to make this shade among Tiffany’s most elegant.

Louis Comfort Tiffany is internationally recognized as a master of the American decorative arts. Considered to be the driving force behind the Art Nouveau style in America, Tiffany is known best for his striking lamps and stained glass windows. Though Tiffany first started his experiments with stained glass in 1875, it was not until 10 years later that he opened Tiffany Glass Company, which was later changed to Tiffany Studios in 1900. By the 1890s, he was the leading art glass producer, serving wealthy New Yorkers and commissioning pieces for Mark Twain, Cornelius Vanderbilt and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. Tiffany’s discovery of what he coined “favrile” glass (derived from and old English word meaning “handcrafted”) in 1881 catapulted his reputation. The favrile technique produces glass that is iridescent and freely shaped, which he then combined with bronze and other metals to get the desired translucency. Favrile glass exhibits dichroic properties that give Tiffany’s masterworks an unrivaled beauty, transforming into a brilliant, almost pulsating medium when viewed by transmitted light. Tiffany stated that his lamps allowed people to enjoy the elements of nature all year long in the beauty of his glass. Now, the rarity and elegance of Tiffany’s lamps make them some of the most desired antiques, confirming his legacy as a visionary of the Art Nouveau movement. 

Each favrile glass shade is engraved L.C.T.; the geometric shade stamped "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK"

A similar chandelier is pictured in Tiffany Lamps and Metalware, by Alastair Duncan, illustration #1078, page 277.

Circa 1910

13 1/8" diameter​ (at geometric shade) x 29" high
This magnificent Tiffany Studios chandelier is an opulent example of the firm's geometric motifs
Maker: Tiffany Studios
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Chandeliers
Diameter: 13.13 Inches
Height: 29.0 Inches
Style: Art Nouveau

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