Untreated Burma Ruby Necklace, 28.98 Carats

  • Seventeen untreated Burma rubies weighing a combined 28.98 carats are showcased in this necklace
  • Each ruby displays the prized "pigeon blood" hue for which Burma rubies are coveted
  • Set in platinum with diamonds totaling 35.94 carats
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Item No. 31-2526

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Seventeen untreated Burma rubies totaling 28.98 carats display the perfect “pigeon blood” red hue in this beautiful necklace. Certified by GemResearch SwissLab as untreated Burma rubies, these oval brilliant-cut jewels are perfectly complemented by diamond accents totaling 35.94 carats. Set in platinum.

Burmese rubies are counted among the rarest of all gemstones. For centuries, Burma has been associated with the world’s finest rubies, though by edict of the King himself, the finest stones were never allowed to leave the kingdom. In addition, due to political unrest, the country’s borders were closed in 1962, further restricting the trade and increasing the rarity of these magnificent gemstones.

16" length

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Untreated Burma Ruby Necklace, 28.98 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Burma
Type: Necklaces
Style: Modern
Untreated Burma Ruby Necklace, 28.98 Carats
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