Untreated Burma Sapphire Ring, 5.14 Carats

  • A remarkable 5.14-carat Burma sapphire exhibits exceptional color and depth
  • The sapphire is certified by the American Gemological Laboratories to be untreated and from Burma
  • To find a large Burma sapphire of this quality is extraordinary
  • Set in 18K white gold with diamond accents
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Item No. 31-6469

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Remarkable in size and quality, an emerald-cut Burma sapphire displaying a rich hue lies at the center of this modern ring. The gem is certified by the American Gemological Laboratories as originating in Burma and displaying no gemological evidence of heat treatment to enhance its rich blue hue. Accented by radiating white diamonds totaling approximately 2.00 carats, the emerald-cut jewel shines in its 18K white gold settings.

For centuries, Burma has been associated with the world's finest sapphires and its history is rich with intrigue. Burma was a bountiful source of both sapphires and rubies for more than 1,000 years, though the best stones were never allowed to leave the kingdom. Until the middle of the 19th century, the Burmese king commanded that any and all gemstones weighing more than 5.00 carats would become the possession of the kingdom of Burma. Miners, anxious to sell their gems, broke many magnificent sapphires into pieces smaller than 5.00 carats so as to bypass the king’s law. Sapphires such as this, weighing over 5.00 carats, are exceptionally rare and precious. Furthermore, in 1962, the borders of Burma were closed, all but shutting down the mining of glorious sapphires. The opportunity to acquire a Burma stone of such substantial size and perfect color, is indeed, a rarity.

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Untreated Burma Sapphire Ring, 5.14 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Origin: Burma
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Untreated Burma Sapphire Ring, 5.14 Carats
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