Victorian Gold and Diamond Portrait Bracelet

  • This Victorian-era portrait bracelet was both sentimental and fashionable in its day
  • Crafted of 20-21.50K yellow gold and diamonds, it hides several miniature portraits of loved ones
  • Miniature portraits were popular in jewelry pieces in Europe and America in the 18th-19th centuries
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Item No. 31-4818

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This Victorian-era portrait bracelet keeps memories of loved ones close at hand. It is crafted from 20-21.50K yellow gold and approximately 2.50 carats of diamonds placed in charming star patterns along the length of the design. Clasps on each side of the bracelet open to reveal several colorized photographic miniature portraits, which served as both a sentimental and fashionable statement in Victorian-era jewelry.

Miniature portrait paintings were popular in jewelry pieces across Europe and America in the 18th and 19th centuries to remember loved ones during long periods of separation or commemorate those that had passed. With the invention of the daguerreotype in 1839, photography became the favored miniature portrait medium over traditional painted portraits for their fidelity to life and cost-effectiveness.

Mid-to late 19th century

2 4/5" wide
Victorian Gold and Diamond Portrait Bracelet
Period: 19th Century
Type: Bracelets
Width: 2.86 Inches
Style: Victorian
Victorian Gold and Diamond Portrait Bracelet
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