Victory Favrile Glass Medallion by Louis Comfort Tiffany

  • Louis Comfort Tiffany created this favrile glass medallion to celebrate the Allied victory in WWI
  • This medallion is set in a gilt bezel to be worn as a pendant
  • Tiffany utilized his iconic iridescent favrile glass to craft this patriotic objet d'art
  • This historically significant medallion stands as a testament to Tiffany's artistry
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Item No. 30-9425

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Art Nouveau pioneer and gifted American artisan Louis Comfort Tiffany created this Victory favrile glass medallion in celebration of the Allied victory in World War I. Tiffany's majestic iridescent art glass highlights the patriotic motif featuring an eagle, with its wings outstretched, holding aloft the Liberty Bell above the banner inscribed "VICTORY" above the year 1918. It is believed that this medallion was specially commissioned by a socialite as an invitation to an exclusive party celebrating the end of the war. Few of these remarkable objets d'art are known to exist, making them not only exceptional works of Tiffany Studios artistry, but also stunning artifacts of world history.

Set in a gilt bezel, this medallion can be worn as a pendant.

Inspired by the fluidity and translucence of ancient Roman and Middle Eastern glass, Louis C. Tiffany produced blown glass, named "Favrile," between 1891 and 1928. This line boasted pieces of superior quality, renowned for their opalescent and iridescent colored finishes. In sharp contrast to what his critics labeled "industrial art," the Favrile collection features individually-produced objects which were both beautiful and functional.

Signed "Louis C. Tiffany / Favrile"

A medallion of the same design by Tiffany resides in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Dated 1918

2 3/4" diameter
Victory Favrile Glass Medallion by Louis Comfort Tiffany
Maker: Tiffany & Co.
Period: 20th Century
Origin: America
Type: Pendants
Diameter: 2.75 Inches
Style: Art Nouveau

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