Viennese Rock Crystal Ornamental Plate by Hermann Ratzersdorfer

  • This exquisite silver gilt, enamel and rock crystal plate is a stunning work of Viennese artistry
  • Crafted by Hermann Ratzersdorfer, this piece displays impeccable carving and hand-painted enamel
  • Ratzersdorfer was one of the few Viennese artisans to attain the rank of master
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Item No. 31-1446

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Stunning in beauty and rarity, this magnificent silver-gilt, enamel and rock crystal ornamental plate was created by Austrian master craftsman, Hermann Ratzersdorfer. A showcase of the pioneering artistry and craftsmanship for which Vienna was famed, this plate is comprised of 25 meticulously carved rock crystal panels mounted within gilt silver beautifully enameled in cobalt blue, red, green and white. Set against a rich gold background, the crosspieces feature molded grotesques, putti, arabesques and stylized foliate tendrils and blossoms.

Rock crystal, or pure quartz, has been lauded for centuries for its inherent beauty. Ancient Roman Pliny the Elder found its clarity so impressive that he proclaimed it to be ice that had hardened permanently over millennia. When carved, rock crystal appears far more lustrous than man-made crystal or glass, so much so that it has even been used in place of diamonds. Its brilliance and purity, combined with its relative scarcity, secured rock crystal’s status as one of the most highly valued minerals throughout history. It was particularly prized during the 18th and 19th centuries when it was considered one of the most precious and expensive materials used in the decorative arts. 

A virtuoso of the Renaissance Revival style, Hermann Ratzersdorfer bears the distinction of being one of the handful of Viennese journeymen to reach the rank of master craftsman, at a time when the guilds kept the number of masters as low as possible to ensure only the very finest artisans thrived. With that accomplishment under his belt, Ratzersdorfer was free to open his own workshop in 1843. He soon began participating in various exhibitions throughout Europe, winning honors including prize medals at the international exhibitions in London (1851), Paris (1855) and Vienna (1873) and attaining considerable acclaim for his rock crystal objets d’art. 

Features maker’s mark on reverse.

Circa 1875

13" wide x 1 1/2" deep x 13" high 
Viennese Rock Crystal Ornamental Plate by Hermann Ratzersdorfer
Period: 19th Century
Origin: Austria
Type: Rock Crystal
Depth: 1.5 Inches
Width: 13.0 Inches
Height: 13.0 Inches

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