Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Firbolg Porcelain Vase

  • This rare Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre vase is adorned in the "Firbolgs IV" pattern
  • The theme is taken from the tales of the mythical early Irish settlers
  • Created for a brief 15-year period, Fairyland Lustre wares are highly sought-after
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Item No. 30-8941

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Set upon a deep, rich crimson background of this Fairyland Lustre porcelain vase by Wedgwood is the "Firbolgs IV" pattern. The diminutive creatures are inspired by the tales of the mythical early settlers of Ireland by the same name. Introduced by Wedgwood artist Daisy Makeig-Jones in 1915, Fairyland Lustre marked a true departure from the factory's history of classic design and subdued colors.

Makeig-Jones' work was rooted in fairytales and literally bursting with brilliant colors, alive with scenes of nymphs, elves and fairies romping through enchanted forests and make-believe lands. Fairyland Lustre wares were well received and the range of works produced during the 1920s was remarkable. The line was discontinued in 1929, and after Makeig-Jones retired in 1931, Fairyland Lustre was no more. Today, these works are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Marked "Wedgwood"

Circa 1915-1929

4 3/4" diameter x 8 7/8" high
Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Firbolg Porcelain Vase
Maker: Wedgwood
Period: 20th Century
Origin: England
Type: Vases/Urns
Depth: 4.75 Inches
Width: 4.75 Inches
Height: 8.88 Inches
Style: Fairyland Lustre

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