Wedgwood “Pandora’s Box” Black Basalt Encaustic Krater Vase

  • This striking Neoclassical volute krater vase was crafted in Wedgwood’s famed black basalt
  • The classical myth of Pandora’s Box is rendered on one side and a flowering anthemion on the reverse
  • A pierced lid allows this piece to be used for displaying floral bouquets or as a potpourri vase
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Crafted by Wedgwood, this stately Neoclassical volute krater vase is comprised of black basalt — largely considered the famed English firm’s greatest innovation. This beautiful vase is topped by a pierced lid, which allows the piece to be used as both a vase for displaying lush floral bouquets as well as a vessel for containing fragrant potpourri. Its terra-cotta red and white encaustic enamel ornamentation and shape exhibits a striking 18th-century recollection of ancient Greek pottery. The Hellenistic theme is continued with a highly detailed scene illustrating the classical myth of Pandora’s Box on one side and a lush, flowering anthemion on the reverse.

Signed "Wedgwood"

18th century

10" wide x 10" deep x 16 1/4" high
Wedgwood “Pandora’s Box” Black Basalt Encaustic Krater Vase
Maker: Wedgwood
Period: 18th Century
Origin: England
Type: Vases/Urns
Depth: 10.0 Inches
Width: 10.0 Inches
Height: 16.25 Inches
Style: Basalt

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