Zambian Emerald Ring, 12.47 Carats

  • A 12.47-carat step-cut emerald serves as the focal point of this ring
  • C. Dunaigre certified this gemstone as Zambian in origin, calling it a "real treasure"
  • Gemstones of this quality are extremely rare, and create a remarkable visual impact
  • Joined by 1.70 carats of diamonds and set in platinum
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Displaying a striking vivid green color, a 12.47-carat octagonal step-cut emerald lies at the center of this distinctive ring. This gemstone is certified by GemResearch Swisslabs and C. Dunaigre as being Zambian in origin. Zambian emerald mines are renowned for producing emeralds with a highly saturated green hue. C. Dunaigre writes of this special stone that "Zambian emeralds of such a size and excellent quality as the one described [...] are very rare and should be considered as a real treasure." Joined by two diamonds weighing a total of 1.70 carats and set in platinum, this remarkable ring creates a stunning visual effect on the finger.

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Zambian Emerald Ring, 12.47 Carats
Period: Contemporary
Type: Rings
Style: Modern
Zambian Emerald Ring, 12.47 Carats
Emeralds: Fact or Fiction

A viridescent wonder of nature steeped in lore for over 4,000 years, the emerald has entranced humankind with promises of good fortune, protection, love and rebirth. From Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra to the incomparable actress Eliz...

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