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Venetian Backwater by Antoine Bouvard
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Looking Towards the Salute by Antoine Bouvard

Celebrated for his captivating views of the Venetian canals, French painter Antoine Bouvard possessed an undeniable talent for utilizing light and atmospheric effects to portray the grandeur of the legendary “City of Water." Though he captured some of the most stunning views of Venice ever put to canvas, very little is known of his personal life. While the man may be shrouded in mystery, his art remains highly sought after by collectors.


What is known is that Bouvard was born in 1870 in the town of L’Isere in eastern France. He studied at Paris’ École des Beaux-Arts, studying art and architecture under Simon-Claude Constant-Dufeux. Bouvard experienced considerable success in the field, and he was thus appointed the Director of Architectural Services for the Seine, leading the construction of the Bourse du Travail and the Boulevard Morland in Paris. However, he would never lose his passion for painting, leading him to create some of the most captivating scenes of Venice ever composed.


Bouvard frequented Venice throughout the 1920s and 30s, falling in love with the innate beauty of “the Floating City,” especially its architecture, which features prominently in all the artist’s works. Periodically, he would return to Paris in order to sell his works, but always through art dealers - the enigmatic artist preferred to stay out of the public eye. He also often worked under the pseudonym “Marc Aldine,” which gave him access to more markets to sell his works, but also presented further confusion into the oeuvre of this artistic great.


Bouvard’s rendering of atmospheric effects, namely sunlight, in combination with soft brushwork and vibrant color, show the influences of Felix Ziem, the famed Barbizon artist whose life mirrored that of Bouvard. Also a trained architect, Ziem became transfixed by the Venetian landscape throughout his career, and Bouvard similarly fell under its spell. His brilliant color palette draws the eye to the unique architecture of the northeastern Italian city, blending Bouvard’s primary passions - art and architecture - in one wondrous canvas.


Venice has been referred to as the “City of Water,” “Queen of the Adriatic,” and “City of Canals,” but in the paintings of Antoine Bouvard, the city transcends these charming epithets. His landscapes were deeply admired during his lifetime, and continue to command considerable attention, cementing Bouvard’s place as the most esteemed painters of the Venetian genre.

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