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Colored Diamonds

Counted among Mother Nature’s most incredible creations, a rare colored diamond is considered by many to be the most coveted of all gemstones. Those colored stones that are graded as fancy colored diamonds and higher are distinguished even further and can often be exponentially more scarce than even the finest diamonds, especially examples weighing over 5.00 carats. At M.S. Rau, we are pleased to offer a superb selection of the rarest and most important colored diamond rings, colored diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings, including blue, green, yellow and pink estate diamond rings and other estate diamond jewelry. Choose from fancy 10 carat colored diamond rings to antique necklaces adorned with rare pink diamonds.

Stand Out from the Crowd with Colored Diamond Gems

Serious jewelry collectors count fancy colored diamonds among the most prized gemstones in their rare antique collection. While white diamonds or colorless diamonds are classic and timeless, a colored diamond gemstone can be magical. Unique and elegant, fancy colored diamonds can be found in an array of colors ranging from serene fancy pink to vivid yellow canary.

If you are seeking estate jewelry with a fine colored diamond, M.S. Rau is here to assist you. Choose from antique rings to antique necklaces featuring rare colored diamonds. 

Whether you favor a light pink diamond antique engagement ring or a yellow diamond bracelet, we can help you find exactly what you're looking for in our beautiful selection. Stand out from the crowd with a fancy intense green diamond engagement ring, a brilliant yellow diamond ring, or a stunning black diamond necklace. 

If you are looking for fine jewelry pieces that boast a brilliant tone, cut, and clarity, shop our collection of fancy colored diamonds today.
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