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Rooted in mystery and intrigue, the history of porcelain often reads like a modern day spy thriller. Coveted by kings and nobles across Europe, the secret of porcelain production was once only known and tightly guarded by the Chinese. It wasn’t until early in the 18th century that porcelain production made it’s way across the continent, and today we are pleased to house one of the finest antique porcelain collections in the world. Boasting all manner of antique ceramics, including grand works by Meissen, Wedgwood, Sèvres, KPM and Royal Vienna, the collection also includes wonderful antique german beer steins, antique pottery vases, antique blue and white porcelain, and antique fine china dining services. From antique porcelain to other antiques for sale, shop with confidence when you buy antiques from M.S. Rau with our 125% guarantee.
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