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Antique Walking Sticks & Unique Canes

If you are a serious collector of antique walking sticks, you won't find a better assortment of unique canes than those in the collection of M.S. Rau. Our extensive selection of antique canes offers something for everyone; choose from a decorative wooden cane to folk art pieces featuring carved bone and luxurious Fabergé designer canes. Looking for something truly unique? Our weaponized canes and walking sticks can be an exciting addition to your collection, from bamboo sword canes to a crossbow cane. Unique walking canes are among the most highly collected types of antiques for sale, and we are pleased to offer a wide variety of antique walking sticks and canes for sale. Shop our antique walking sticks today on our online store or in our New Orleans showroom.

Selecting the Perfect Piece for Your Antique Collection

Antique canes and walking sticks are more than just the sum of their parts; they are a direct reflection of the gentlemen and ladies who owned them. Whether the walking stick is topped by a finely chased gold handle or the handle design conceals a cigarette lighter, handy writing tools or a lethal blade, each handle offers a unique style and purpose. That is what makes walking sticks and canes so special and intriguing — they not only served as a fashionable accessory, they were also very functional. Every cane in our collection served as a personal object with a hidden history.

Are you ready to add a cane to your collection, or do you wish to start a collection? At M.S. Rau, we showcase the finest variety of decorative, system and weapons canes on the market. Shop our antique walking sticks today in our online shop or our New Orleans gallery.
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