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Objets D’Art

From Bird Boxes To Gold Boxes

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Art can be more than just a painting or sculpture. Art can be embodied in objects that can fit in the palm of your hand, delight with music or serve a practical function.

At M.S. Rau, our selection of objets d'art encompasses a variety of antique treasures that will satisfy even the most discerning collectors. With our sights singularly focused on only acquiring the rarest and most beautiful objects, we have assembled one of the finest selections of objets d'art in the world, including many pieces that boast important, often royal, provenance.

Our diverse collection goes well beyond expectations and includes exquisite gold boxes, important portrait miniatures, delightful singing bird boxes, rare snuff boxes, fine perfumes and much more, representing a variety of styles and historical periods. Famous makers such as Fabergé, Bruguier, Cartier and Baccarat are well represented in this antique collection, including pieces crafted of and adorned with the finest materials such as gold, blue john, lapis, jade, rare gemstones, tortoiseshell, crystal and more. Adding one of these fascinating pieces will elevate your collection and set it apart from the rest, serving as a perfect conversation piece for any room in your home.

If you are a collector who values unique pieces with rare and important provenance, this collection is for you. Whether you are looking for an original snuffbox, a carved stone artifact or a crystal desk set, M.S. Rau has the perfect antiques for sale to turn your collection from ordinary to extraordinary.