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From The 17th Through The 20th Centuries


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In addition to rare art and fine jewelry, M.S. Rau offers an extraordinary curated collection of antique furniture pieces for sale, from rare antique dressers and cabinets dating from the Renaissance to 20th-century tables and antique chairs. Collecting antique furniture allows you to bring home a piece of history and add it to your own decor. Whether you are seeking an antique table to decorate your dining room, antique chairs to complement the interior design of your living room or the perfect antique bed for the master bedroom, an antique or vintage piece is an elegant addition to any room.

Our collection includes important antiques from around the world, including 18th century French antique bedroom furniture, English oak wood rarities, and 19th-century American masterworks, among other items of distinctive style and craftsmanship. To transition your latest acquisition into your home, learn how to incorporate antiques into a modern space.

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