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Fine Art Nudes

Across art history, artists almost always depicted nude figures within contexts that were removed from everyday life, choosing to veil them in a cloak of mythology or religion. Until modern times, this was primarily to avoid offending moral standards of the day, but, for many artists, subjects based in mythology also heightened ties with the classical past. The Renaissance saw a rise in the nude as a respectable subject in art, due, in part, to the rediscovery of sculptures and pottery from antiquity during the 13th century. Artists began to include the nude — either unclothed or partially clothed — in their works as a tool to refine their understanding of perspective, volume and, of course, anatomy. These artists still had to consider that in certain contexts, the nude was considered taboo, but within the careful constraints of mythology, the nudity and eroticism of a scene could be deemed acceptable and even moral.

Discover M.S. Rau's selection of exquisite fine art nudes and original works from prominent artists such as Andrew Wyeth, Frederick Carl Frieseke, Émile Munier and many others.

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